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Welcome to club dedicated to the 'Crow' and its members from D.Gray-man. It's my first time making a club, I hope we'll be getting members soon!

:new:November 4, 2009
New affiliates: CrosS-Sama D-Exorcists-Club

September 19, 2009
Four new affiliates! Cross-X-AnitailuvYU-CLUB RabixAllen-FanClub and Allen-Walker-Fanclub!!

September 3, 2009
Three new affiliates this time ThePleasureFC RAK-Exorcists and LavYullen!

I will be adding information here in a while, for now, I'll just leave instructions regarding joining and submitting art.

...~~+TO JOIN:+~~...

:bulletred:1. Send a note to the club titled "Join"

:bulletred:2. Add the club account to your watch list

:bulletred:3. Put the club's icon in your journal, signature etc where other people can see so we can gather more members~<3

...~~+TO SUBMIT:+~~...

:bulletred:Send a note titled "Submission" with a link to the original work.
As in all clubs, faving/commenting on club entries will be forbidden and redirected to the original deviation.

...~~+CLUB RULES:+~~...

:bulletred:1. First of all, just warning ahead, BE NICE TO OTHER MEMBERS. And towards the club as well. I don't want to see any flaming on this page, got it? D< Good.

:bulletred:2. Obviously, to be a member, you have to love Crows. But hell, someone who hates them won't join, so this is a statement just out of pure formality.

:bulletred:3. Regarding submission, pairings are accepted as long as you keep it PG. Mature content can be linked to the club as well, it will simply be put in a separate journal as links instead of typical club submission. After all, no reason to refuse dirty things to those who would want to see them.
(Please note that mature content means both explicit sexual content and violence here.)

:bulletred:4. This isn't really a rule, but do try to spread a word about this club to fellow D.Gray-Man lovers, who knows, maybe some are closet Crow fans? <3

For now, this is all, I'll edit this place as soon as I can.

Club founder: Ma-ze-ru
Co-Admin: Bloodysnow-chan

:iconma-ze-ru: :iconkumorinoko: :iconbloodysnow-chan: :iconevaniela: :iconshannaroooooo: :icondracoaries: :iconv6-fluke:

:icona-nightmarebeforedgm: :iconallen-obsessed-club: :iconallen-walker-fanclub: :iconbak-chan: :iconblackorderfc: :iconcharitybell: :iconcross-sama: :iconcross-x-anita: :icond-exorcists-club: :icond-g-m-club: :icondgm-cosplayclub: :icondgmfc: :icondgmrp-da: :iconearl-millenium-luv: :icongreyallen-fanclub: :iconi-lavyu: :iconiluvyu-club: :iconklaud-nine-fc: :iconlavyullen: :iconlove-krory-fanclub: :iconnoahs--ark: :iconpokerpair-club: :iconrabixallen-fanclub: :iconrak-exorcists: :iconthe-new-order: :iconthe-noah-clan: :iconthepleasurefc:   

We are listed at DGM-Club-List
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EdwardElric0 Feb 28, 2010
ga! join requests are down t.t
oh oh! can we affiliate?
Ah, sorry for that, I forgot to set stuff up entirely in the group.... the join requests should be open now, I believe~!

And I absolutely won't mind affiliating... just give me some time. I have issues with internet at the moment, so it might take a while till i can actually put up the affiliate;;
Oh cool I will join once I get compy working again *A*
Please do so~<3
Yay for new members! <3
((ooc: lol, to think I hate'em the most, damned half-akuma bastards :XD: but perhaps it is due to my half-Noah side :roll: Go for it and good luck with the club.))
Haha, is that so? XDDD I don't care if they are half-akuma or not, really... I just enjoy them as characters XD Well, it's up to you anyway, and thank you for the good luck wishes, 14th <3
((ooc: I still has love for Howard Link as member of the Karasu of course :laughing:))

((You are welcome :) ))
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